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Art isn’t a real job. That’s what I was told 13 years ago.  I was searching for my passion and a way to tell stories using my camera. I began cultivating visual artistry and soon accepted that I breathed easier with a camera in my hands. Cameras became my confidence in awkward social settings, my words when I couldn’t find my voice. And when I viewed a subject through my camera’s lens, all the pieces fell into place.

I love shooting everything.

An urban city center during the lunch rush. Raining confetti to celebrate a sports win. A quiet country landscape. The newly wed couple’s first dance. A black and white portrait capturing age lines and wisdom.

These settings provide opportunities for liberating, unpredictable shoots that force me to be focused but flexible in my approach. The resulting photos excite me greatly as they are uncontrolled and free of superficiality. These photos are most loved by the clients.  

I look forward to working with clients who trust me to capture their characters and narrate the reality of their lives.

Art isn’t real job; it’s a life lived well.